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11 Careers For the ENFJ Personality Type: “The Giver”.

What is the ENFJ Personality Type?

ENFJ stands for: Extroverted, Intuition, Feeling, Judging, and is one of the 16 personality types as defined by the Myers-Briggs Personality System.

ENFJs are extroverted and charismatic “people-people,” gracious and warm and able to connect with almost anyone no matter where they come from, and with very little effort or energy from the ENFJ’s part. ENFJs excel in giving others the time and space to explore their inner worlds by asking questions and holding space for them while they find the answers.

They often gravitate to positions of leadership because of their social intelligence and their natural understanding that people are complex. They see other people from a more objective point of view than most, able to spot patterns of behaviour while simultaneously remaining nonjudgemental and able to point out these patterns without spite, and in a way that’s supportive and allows those around them to become self-aware and change their ways without feeling embarrassed about it.

ENFJs and Careers

ENFJs possess many leadership qualities, with slightly less ambition. They are likely to end up in a leadership position simply due to the fact that they are good at it, and others gravitate towards their openness and the clarity that spaciousness provides.

These types are likely to organize events and their own lives effectively, do well in school, but tend to absorb the environment around them and may struggle to find the time they need to reflect on themselves. They need a social environment that doesn’t constantly drain them, or they do risk depleting themselves with time by investing into others’ lives. They are excellent communicators and idealistic, diplomatic, caring individuals.

Here are 11 potential career ideas for the ENFJ personality type:

1.  Professor – Many ENFJs will find their calling in teaching, particularly in college and above, as there is more room here for ENFJs to sit back, breathe, and find a balance between themselves and their students.

2. Politician – This type is capable of managing a large network of relationships, be diplomatic, and stay on task and organized themselves.

3. Manager – In business, ENFJs are an asset to any team and can often be found in managerial positions, working well with people to create an inspired team.

4. Counsellor – Their natural gift of presence and space makes counselling an obvious choice for ENFJs, who need less recharge time than most introverts but can provide a similar refuge to those looking for a listening ear.

5. Events Coordinator – ENFJs are businesslike in their approach to their own personal organization and often will be the event coordinator in their private lives, able to simply see what needs to be done and make it happen. It’s a simple step then from this casual pace to full blown events coordinators, intelligent hosts able to anticipate their guest’s needs.

6. Writer – With adequate time for reflection, ENFJs make great writers with many insights into human nature and have pearls of wisdom to share.

7. Facilitator – ENFJs are perhaps one of the best facilitators of any kind, in that one of their strongest traits is holding gentle, non-judgemental, gracious space while others orient themselves within it.

8. Human Resources – INFJs are capable of managing large teams effectively, and are able to stay organized and nuanced in their leadership roles.

9. Coach – With an abundance of objective advice, ENFJs make great reflectors of patterns. They can gently point patterns out and help someone understand themselves, why they do what they do, and how they can change.

10.  Advisor/Consultant – This type makes great advisors of any kind, they are the people you want to “bounce an idea off of” before you try it, because their level-headed objectivity is invaluable at best.

11. Sales Representative – ENFJs can be great salespeople with their keen and observant understanding of human nature and what makes people tick, what they need, and why.

Careers to avoid:

1. Entertainment

2. Military

3. Lawyer

4. Auditing

5. Mechanic

Are you an ENFJ? Do you have any suggestions to help other ENFJs find the right career? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. I’m an ENFJ according to the Myer Briggs test. The two professions not recommended for me are entertainment and military. but that’s exactly what I want to do with my life so why does it say not recommended I am curious.

    1. DK
      I was in the military and loved it. In my opinion academia has a rather skewed view of what it’s like to serve in the military. It’s not all about giving and taking orders and marching like a mindless automaton. As an ENFJ, you would be a valued leader that relates to your troops. Any organization will value that. The downside, possibly, is that there are times you will have to go along with things you don’t have 100% buy in on doing. Guess what? That’s life. Regardless of the field, or entrepreneurial activity. And the entertainment field, while reputed for being heartless in its commoditization of artist, that’s also a fact of life that you can learn to effectively cope with and still salvage your personal integrity. All consistent with what makes us ENFJ’s tick.

      I’ve watched the research and descriptions on MB get better and better over the 30+ years I’ve been familiar with this paradigm. But it’s not perfect and in no way fits everyone. At times, I lea. In my secondary activity which is Nt. I can absolutely be the Field Marshal when needed. Being able to play varying roles is important, and it is very human. Listen to your gut and you can find satisfying work in the military and in entertainment. Best wishes.

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