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11 Careers For the ENFP Personality Type: “The Inspirer”.

What is the ENFP Personality Type?

ENFP stands for: Extroverted, Intuition, Feeling, Perceiving, and is one of the 16 personality types as defined by the Myers-Briggs Personality System.

ENFPs are enthusiastic, passionate people who are excellent at getting others to join a cause or rally, yet they don’t enjoy the leadership aspects of retaining this power, since they are more into being genuine and playful than they are about maintaining a position of authority over others. This can lead ENFPs to be spontaneous and unfettered, bouncing from place to place, thought to thought, and seeking community rather than significance. They tend not to like structure, value freedom, and find people and the world fascinating and just want everyone to get along. They can be sensitive yet private about it, preferring to withdraw when they are overwhelmed.

ENFPs and Careers

Since ENFPs don’t like structure but are fascinated by people, they tend to do well in careers that don’t restrict their creativity or freedom, and that allow them to interact with lots of people who are supportive and friendly, rather than judgemental of feelings, and diverse. ENFPs are one of the most open-minded, accepting types, and they want to see harmony among their friends and family as well as their workplace.

Here are 11 potential career ideas for the ENFP personality type:

1. Social Worker – This is a great career for an ENFP with a strong desire for social change, who wants to talk to lots of people from different backgrounds and be on the ground helping, being a guiding light but not necessarily leading.

2. Psychology – ENFPs want to dig deep and really understand people, and the human mind is an endless source of fascination for them.

3. Anthropology – World cultures and human behaviour, ritual and human life from the perspective of an outsider – this is something that ENFPs excel at, since they already naturally take the stance of the outsider and try to see things from that perspective.

4. Entrepreneur – Their love of freedom and creative curiosity can lead some ENFPs away from the traditional job path into a more self-directed way of leading themselves through life, through entrepreneurship. This can also be a great opportunity for ENFPs to learn about themselves and other people by practicing being in charge and seeing how different people work in different roles when they (the ENFP) are managing employees.

5. Humanitarianism/Activism – ENFPs often feel a need to get into a cause, to help change the world and make it a better, more peaceful place. Activism is one place where they excel, because ENFPs have a natural ability to attract people to a cause, to highlight its importance and the necessity of its existence, and to emphasize the need for peace through acceptance of one another in all our various plights and circumstances.

6. Journalist – There is no better way to get to know the world while being paid than to become a journalist, and get hired to become inquisitive and ask questions about people and why they do what they do, and how others live their lives.

7. Park Ranger – ENFPs need freedom and to be allowed to learn, discover and explore. They may find they also fulfill their needs for purpose and meaning in preservation of the land and its protection.

8. Actor – ENFPs can pour their playful spirit into creativity, especially with and around other people, so this can be a great choice for a creative ENFP looking for a way to express themselves and meet interesting characters, real or fictional.

9. Teacher – With their personable attitude, insatiable curiosity, and playful sense of humour, ENFPs might find they get along well with kids or in classrooms with students who generally need someone with an open and flexible mind to make the learning process easier and more enjoyable.

10. Managers – Since this type naturally loves and finds great interest in people and how they work, they can make excellent managers of people in business, intuiting others’ needs and how they might work best together as a group.

11. Librarian – Some ENFPs might find themselves endlessly entertained by books, and if so a career as a librarian might be an option, as there is never a short supply of stories or people to talk to about them, plus the level of freedom offered by this low intensity job might appeal to the ENFPs sensibilities.

Careers to avoid:

1. Military

2. Engineering

3. Politician

4. Police officer

5. Lawyer

Are you an ENFP? Do you have any experiences that would help others? Let us know in the comments!

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