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11 Careers For the ESFJ Personality Type: “The Provider”.

What is the ESFJ Personality Type

ESFJ stands for: Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging, and is one of the 16 personality types as defined by the Myers-Briggs Personality System.

ESFJ’s are loyal, practical, popular and traditional. You will find them at or near the top of a social ladder, often organizing events and hosting parties, and generally being outgoing and sociable. ESFJ’s are the ones you can rely on to remember names and important dates in other people’s lives, since they experience the world through the people around them and pay close attention to these details. This type can really handle being the centre of attention, but they dislike spontaneous events and can sometimes be resistant to change due to their love of tradition and respect for the wisdom of the way things are done in the present.

Diplomatic personalities who make excellent leaders and role models, ESFJs value physical appearance and social status, and might be well dressed or always be on top of the latest fashions and trends. Despite their love of tradition, they still like to explore and learn about other cultures to understand the human condition and themselves, their friends and their family better.

ESFJs and Careers

This takes their responsibilities toward others seriously, and they both want and expect others to follow the rules and to get along, because ESFJs value cooperation and harmony so highly. If they sense discord, ESFJs will try to step in to smooth things out. This makes them great mediators, leaders, coaches, directors, teachers, and even performers and entertainers.

ESFJs enjoy routine, structure and rules so that they know what is expected of them and how to achieve it. They are appreciative of schedules and the practical world that allow them to understand reality and their place in it. These types want to be recognized for their efforts, appreciated, and often want to be in the spotlight as well. One of the hardest things for this type to deal with is rejection.

Here are 11 ideas of potential careers for the ESFJ personality type:

1. Administrators – Their leadership abilities give ESFJs the ability to shine as practical, sociable, yet well-organized business leaders of all kinds.

2. Administrator’s assistant – If they can’t be directly in the spotlight, these types do well a step down from it as well – consulting, organizing and managing the ins and outs of the day to day grind as well as keeping an eye on a group’s cohesiveness and effectiveness is their specialty.

3. Clergy – Some ESFJs may feel drawn to the clergy and other community leadership roles, including volunteering.

4. Counsellor – Probably no one is better equipped to approach sensitive topics, since this personality type picks up easily on small cues from other people and can tell when they are uneasy with something. They also have excellent recall andean create rich inner maps of other people.

5. Nurse – ESFJ’s warm-headedness and practicality mean that they are well-suited to nursing, following rules and regulations, keeping details in mind and having a good bedside manner.

6. Teacher – With their finger on the pulse of the group’s moods and preferences, ESFJs can lead a team or a classroom, and help everyone find a suitable place within it so that everyone feels they belong. They are also excellent at diffusing tensions.

7. Bookkeeper – Keeping everything organized may come easily to this type, since they can appreciate structure and also enjoy helping people. Their attention to detail comes in handy with this career choice as well.

8. Fitness trainer – Many ESFJs are very active, as well as making good coaches, they make excellent fitness trainers and physical therapists.

9. Child care – This personality type is well-suited to keeping a balanced, structured yet fun environment for kids to thrive in, and they are good role models who strive to live up to their own inner expectations of themselves.

10. Event planners – This type would make an excellent event or wedding planner, as they make excellent hosts who tend to be able to anticipate everybody’s needs ahead of time and prepare well in advance.

11. Anthropologist – Curious ESFJs make great anthropologists, since they naturally study culture anyway to try and understand everyone they know and their own and others’ place in the world. To ESFJs, the world feels like one whole, organic system felt through the eyes and ears of the social systems around them, and it is easily grasped by them through this lense.

Careers to avoid:

1. Computer programmer

2. Software developer

3. Janitor

4. Writer

5. Salesperson

Are you an ESFJ? Do you have any suggestions to help other ESFJs find the right career? Let us know in the comments below!


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