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11 Careers For the ESFP Personality Type: “The Entertainer”.

The Entertainer

What is the ESFP Personality Type?

ESFP stands for: Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving, and is one of the 16 personality types as defined by the Myers-Briggs Personality System.

This type loves to be the centre of attention, are quick on their feet, charismatic, easy-going people who are tactful and respond immediately to change. They are great with other people and can read body language and other cues almost expertly.

ESFPs hate being bored and get uncomfortable if the topic is too heavy or serious, usually trying to be lighthearted and wave anything heavy away with a joke.

These types are interested in other people’s wellbeing and in opportunities for exploration and self expression. They can come across as hedonistic, but really they just live in the moment more than others, experiencing life as a great adventure.

ESFPs and Careers

ESFPs are lively, energetic, and just want to get right into the action. They don’t like detail, rules or bureaucracy, instead preferring easy-going colleagues who want to focus on the issues as they come up.

ESFPs need a fast-paced environment where they can feel useful to other people and see the real, tangible benefits that they have provided for them.

Here are 11 ideas of potential careers for the ESFP personality type:

  1. Performer – True to the name, this personality type will often find their bliss in entertainment careers like Broadway, community theatre, in travelling shows, or as musicians.

  2. Social media influencer – ESFPs navigate being in the spotlight well, whether that’s on stage or through different avenues of performance art. They have a sense of what people want, what’s too much and too little, and what they can get away with and say or not say. They are very much in tune with their audience.

  3. Camp counsellor – ESFPs can be great with kids, reaching them in a fun way and drawing them out while supporting them and helping them shine in the spotlight, too.

  4. Comedian – This type has a special gift when it comes to humour, thinking fast on their feet and responding to the crowd easily and effortlessly.

  5. Sports – Many ESFPs are incredibly physical with fuel to spare, and sports is an excellent arena to put all this energy to use. Sports also require quick-thinking and presence, both of which this personality has in abundance.

  6. Speaker – ESFPs may find their passion for the spotlight to work well for them if they have a topic they like to speak publicly about, perhaps educational in nature or in the form of public conversation and debate.

  7. Salesperson – ESFPs can read people well enough to know how to work a sale (and more importantly, how not to), and they also have the ability to remain cool and relaxed in these situations that would be high-stress for most people.

  8. Artist – ESFPs make great artists, often bold and well-put together in style on a day-to-day basis, they transition easily to visual art forms such as fashion, film and photography.

  9. Tour guide – Their charming affability and charismatic nature make ESFPs a great choice of tour guides, able to keep people engaged and interested.

  10. Entrepreneur/CEO – Their free-spirited nature makes ESFPs excellent startup business entrepreneurs, refusing to stay ties down to routine, they are hungry for adventure and a job that suits them instead of the other way around. They also make relaxed, casually influential leaders of companies and socially aware managers.

  11. Life coach – This personality type can capture their charisma and put it to good use helping to motivate others and help them see the way out of their own life predicaments with humour and grace.


Careers to avoid:

  1. Secretary
  2. Truck driver
  3. Online marketer
  4. Scientist
  5. Police officer

Are you an ESFP? Do you have any suggestions to help other ESFPs find the right career?

Let us know in the comments below!

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