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11 Careers For the INFJ Personality Type: “The Protector”.

What is the INFJ Personality Type?

INFJ stands for: Introverted, Intuition, Feeling, Judging, and is one of the 16 personality types as defined by the Myers-Briggs Personality System.

Excellent listeners with a strong value system and an inner world of thoughts and ideas which compete for their attention, INFJs are natural counsellors and one-on-one advisors. They are slow to open up to people they’ve just met or don’t have reason to trust yet, but can often be the sounding board for these people while staying private themselves. Once they do trust someone and begin to open up, INFJs are vibrant conversationalists with passionate viewpoints and strongly held beliefs, sensitive and devoted to embodying their beliefs in actions.

INFJs and Careers

INFJs need time alone, as their value system drives them to act compassionately, sometimes at the price of their own well-being. This constant tug-of-war between the immediate needs of those around them and the INFJs personal, inner life which also demands attention, leads them to ideally find work situations that let them balance their need for seclusion so that they can tend to their deeper thoughts with their need to help others and be a part of the solution.

Here are 11 potential career ideas for the INFJ personality type:

1.  Humanitarian – Many INFJs may feel pulled to do humanitarian work, which gives them a sense of meaning and belonging to a larger whole.

2. Counsellor – Sometimes named “The Counsellor,” this type excels in drawing out the hidden depths of others and holding a benign space so that they can unfold and discover themselves without judgement. This makes INFJs ideal counsellors and therapists who don’t need to open up and share much of their own personal lives to spark vulnerability and comfort in those around them, allowing them to sit back and help through active listening.

3. Life Coach – INFJs can find fulfillment through one-on-one coaching since they prefer not to be in front of a large crowd like the ENFJ. INFJs like to inspire people in a smaller yet no less impactful setting. This allows them to both make a difference and get the time they need on their own, exploring their inner life.

4. Spiritual Guide – Some INFJs feel pulled to become spiritual guides or gurus, since thinking of the world as one whole whose opposites must be reconciled through deep consideration comes naturally to them, and they want to share these insights with other seekers striving to understand the same subtleties they do.

5. Holistic Health Care Practitioner – Compassionate and ready to make a difference in the world, INFJs are excellent at applying themselves as healers and give off a warm, sensitive persona, allowing them to connect with others easily, observe people and help them in a quiet, caring way.

6. Philosopher – INFJs are passionate about what they believe in and want to weigh different thoughts and explore their complicated inner lives. What better route to take than philosophy, where they can take their ideals and dreams and bring them down to a practical level?

7. Advisor – Working as an advisor in a highly specific area is sometimes the best place for an INFJ, because working closely with one or a few individuals on a topic can lead to breakthroughs that few other types would have the patience to stick with.

8. Mediator – With highly refined observational and listening skills, INFJs are able to step outside themselves and truly listen to many perspectives at once, and help others step into the same place to see themselves and others more clearly, too. They have a way of speaking that is convincing and they cut through to the heart of matters quickly.

9. Artist – One way for INFJs to express themselves and their passion, ideas and inner world is through creative expression, while still influencing others and communicating with them for the higher good.

10. Writer – INFJs may feel a particular call to become writers, since this is one form of expression that embodies the articulation of thought and forces definition and nuance alongside observation, allowing the INFJ to get to know themselves and then share that knowledge with the world once they have formed a concrete set of ideas they feel will make a difference.

11. Designer – These types can get creative and find ways to express themselves through every facet of life, but particularly in design, where beauty meets functionality, they shine, since they have a way of subtly bringing opposites together in truly harmonious ways.

Careers to avoid:

1. Managers

2. Salespeople

3. Lawyer

4. Entrepreneur

5. Celebrity

Are you an INFJ? Have any career ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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