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11 Careers For the INFP Personality Type: “The Idealist”.

What is the INFP Personality Type?

INFP stands for: Introverted, Intuition, Feeling, Perceiving, and is one of the 16 personality types as defined by the Myers-Briggs Personality System.  

The INFP personality type is commonly known as the Idealist, the Dreamer or the Healer. These types are sensitive, caring, idealistic, complex and reserved. They value authenticity and can be very strong minded individuals who enjoy going into their inner worlds and spending time alone, lost in thought, or pursuing their (often creative) passion projects. This does not mean that INFPs always want to be alone, however. INFPs tend to have a few close friends and family, or in some cases a particular goal or cause, which they give most of their time and attention to. They are loyal, committed, attentive, and supportive of those they choose to have in their life.

Other people feel they can easily open up around INFPs because they are compassionate and can easily see things from others’ point of view. INFPs often won’t open up unless they trust the other person, making them difficult to get to know, but they will open up eventually when they feel deeply heard and understood. INFPs are natural problem solvers and tend to understand how other people feel and be able to solve problems for others better than they can for themselves. They can be a little over self conscious and perfectionist, and impractical or self critical when it comes to their dreams.

INFPs and Careers

Especially in terms of career, it’s crucial that INFPs learn to accept themselves rather than trying to change who they are to succeed. They can be highly self critical, and for this reason they can end up exhausting themselves in the wrong career paths trying to be what they’re not. It is important for this type not to compare themselves to other personality types, as INFPs are motivated by things like ideals rather than competitiveness. This type thrives and can accomplish huge goals when they are engaged and passionate, finding their fulfillment in the pursuit of a lifelong sense of meaning and truth.

Sometimes INFPs struggle to find a career path that works for them because they naturally dislike conforming, particularly with repetitive routine. However, this type has a gift with art and language and are great at cooperation. They would do best in an environment working alongside other people with similar values and goals, with an option for privacy and flexibility in their day to day schedule. This type also needs to dig deep within themselves to find out the greater “why” of why they are in their chosen field, doing what they are doing.

Here are 11 potential career ideas for the ENFP personality type:

1. Storyteller – Because of their natural gift for language, many INFPs would make great poets, authors, script and comic book writers or oral storytellers, such as on stage, in front of a classroom or in front of an audience online.

2. Mediator – Their gift for seeing different perspectives, deep listening and gift for language all make INFPs excellent mediators.

3. Therapist, counsellor or psychologist – Their perceptive view into how others feel and ability to listen and problem solve make INFPs natural therapists.

4. Artist – INFPs have a particular affinity for the arts, incorporating sensitivity with their gift for language and their ability to see multiple perspectives.

5. Health care professional – Some INFPs may find themselves called to healing because it incorporates so many of the INFP gifts. They may have a naturally soothing personality that draws them to this career.

6. Teacher (drama, dance) – INFPs make great teachers who can see where others are coming from and

7. Crystal shop worker – Due to the energetically grounding vibe, some INFPs might find the opportunity to work in an environment like a crystal shop to be very healing. This can be a great one for sensitive INFPs who are interested in meeting like-minded people where they work.

8. Yoga teacher – INFPs are good at connecting with and listening to their bodies and showing others how to do so by example. Yoga is also a very grounding practice to balance the dreamy quality for some INFPs.

9. Interior designer – INFPs have a great eye for balance and beauty, and make wonderful interior designers capable of bringing harmony to a space.

10. Tree planter – This job is a difficult yet rewarding one that can align with many INFPs values and feel meaningful to give back.

11. ASMR Artist – Because of the low-key, compassionate vibe of the rising ASMR world, many INFPs might find themselves to be a perfect fit for this

Careers to avoid:

1. Salesperson

2. Politician

3. Manager

4. Scientist

5. Marketer

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