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11 Careers For the INTJ Personality Type: “The Scientist”.

What is the INTJ Personality Type?

INTJ stands for: Introverted, Intuition, Thinking, Judging, and is one of the 16 personality types as defined by the Myers-Briggs Personality System.

INTJs are incredibly intelligent, introspective thinkers who usually have a singular goal in mind, which they derive from their own inward speculation, and they will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. They are ambitious and in some ways heedless of what that ambition looks like on the outside, as they see the achievement of their end goal as the prize that is worth it all in the end, and indeed worth more than mere social niceties could ever give them. This makes them focused and intense, as well as slightly off-putting to some, but to INTJs it is simply not worth compromising the clarity of their vision for some temporary, fleeting acceptance. Their dream is to see their vision actualized in reality, exactly as they envision it. They are long-term planners and strategists.

INTJs and Careers

INTJs excel in the hard sciences, and in whatever cluster of interests happens touches upon their main goal. They rarely get into the arts, unless it is as a way to express this well-defined concept they have in their heads, and will usually opt for a career in one of the main STEM sciences or in the social sciences such as law, politics, urban design or something based in psychology. They are focused and practical, intelligent and patient. For that reason, most INTJs will already know their preferred career path, but some may still be searching for the right path to direct their energy down.

Here are 11 potential career ideas for the INTJ personality type:

1. Computer programmer – If this aligns with their main objective, INTJs will see great potential in the programming world, opening virtual doors that would have remained closed to them otherwise, and providing a seat of power to both envision and execute their goals from.

2. Physicist – This is one of the types on the personality list that would have no trouble fitting into the classic introverted physicist archetype, lost in thought and a world of their own, perfectly content cooking up mathematical quantum dreams.

3. Mathematician – The pure sciences are where some INTJs live, fully immersed in the worlds of science and calculations and numbers, going back and revisiting those things that we all take for granted from scratch, seeing if they can’t shake our understanding of how things work to the core or build upon what we already know to put something entirely new into reality that we have never seen before.

4. Librarian – INTJs have an “incubation period” in which they gather data pertaining to their main goal and rehash it a million times until they deem it to be perfect; for some, a job as a librarian might be the ideal, allowing them to remain in the web of books and knowledge, bumping into ideas and absorbing new concepts in an effort to continually update and inform their working models of the world.

5. Architect – This type is also appropriately known as “The Architect,” since they spend so much time and focus on the design of their main project, getting it all ready and laying out the blueprint, the architecture, for what they intend to build. Actual architecture, therefore, is an appropriate career choice for this type if they find an interest in it. More than anything, INTJs want to see their vision actualized from blueprint to reality.

6. Astronomer – Gazing up at the stars in wonder is one of humanity’s oldest traditions, but this personality type takes dreaming to a whole new level with their desire to reshape our understanding of the universe and our place in it.

7. Political Science  – Some INTJs may feel pulled to a more humanities-based science, such as political science or law. They may have a great vision for what systems and laws should be in place to make humanity function more efficiently or humanely.

8. Writer – Writing may be a way for INTJs to express their ideas, to form them into more concrete and clear ideas for just themselves, or as the end goal in and of itself, the thing they want to put out into reality: an idea whose time has come.

9. Financial Advisor – With a sharp sense of numbers for some, this might provide an easy income helping other types less attuned to numbers and logic to balance their checks and keep business in order.

10. Entrepreneur – INTJs can make great business people if they set their mind to it (as they would pretty much anything they set their mind to), however they may struggle with the management component if they employ anyone other than themselves. It might be best to hire someone else to do the hiring, and carry on running the business from afar, unless perfecting social management systems is your obsession.

11. Illustrators & Storytellers – For some, their genius may be in a perfectly crafted story or piece of artwork that perfectly displays the original thought.

Careers to avoid:

1. Abstract Artist

2. Therapist

3. Manager

4. Coach

5. Teacher

Are you an INTJ? Do you have any suggestions to help other INTJs find the right career? Let us know in the comments below!

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