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11 Careers For the INTP Personality Type: “The Thinker”.

What is the INTP Personality Type?

INTP stands for: Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Perceiving and is one of the 16 personality types as defined by the Myers-Briggs Personality System.

INTPs tend to be abstract thinkers who engage the act of conversation just to humour people or to see what happens. They are avidly curious, and often off-the-wall. Their thinking is sometimes robotically logical, yet they have a warm presence and tend to be shy, reserved, and non-confrontational.

Many INTPs are actually highly creative and imaginative, but spend most of their time and effort creatively thinking into the future and theorizing. They take concepts and then push them to extremes to muse about what might happen, as a form of play. For the most part, these musings have little to nothing to do with the INTPs real life, they are just enjoying the fun of exploring and learning for its own sake.

INTPs and Careers

Most INTPs quietly dislike bureaucracy and rules, but won’t say anything or be confrontational about it – they’ll just slip around the rules if and where they can. For example, this personality type does not like to be imposed upon by other people’s ways and systems of learning about a topic, so the INTP might be heedless of the way they’ve been told to learn and end up exploring a chapter in their textbook way ahead of time, or learn about it in a different way altogether.

For this reason, INTPs thrive in quiet environments where they can go deeply into the subjects of their interests and become experts on them in their own way, with an occasional partner to bounce ideas off of. They like to be meticulous and at times absurd and humorous. They are systematic thinkers much like the Logistician and can be wonderfully helpful in lending their logic to problems of cause and effect.

Here are 11 ideas of potential careers for the INTP personality type:

1. Mathematician – This is a great way to turn abstract knowledge into a career, since math is all about the abstract.

2. Philosopher – Similar to mathematics, philosophy is another subject many INTPs might want to look into, dealing with the timeless problems of humanity.

3. Historian – INTPs may find an interest in gathering data and better understanding human history and behaviour, and becoming a living repository of knowledge in the meantime.

4. Linguist – This personality type loves to play with words and their meanings, definitions, and the subtle connections and differentiations between them all. They would be very useful addition with a unique eye in the area of linguistics.

5. Professor – These types would make great professors once they’ve mastered an area of their interest. Their quiet, approachable demeanours combined with their incredible library of collected data and knowledge make them great teachers.

6. Artist – Most INTPs are actually quite creative, and they can use this imaginative skill to create abstract art that connects people to some of their abstract concepts in a more concrete way, or just use their vast imaginations to unleash their creativity upon the world.

7. Musician – Much like the artist, this type has great potential to bridge their logical minds into another form of expression, the abstract art of music. Their whimsical and humorous, slightly rebellious side may come out in satirical lyrics pointing out what they clearly see as the absurdity of the illogical world around them.

8. Lawyer – Since the INTP type can get caught up in words and their meanings, this can become handy when it comes to law and

9. System analyst – INTPs make great system analysts, because they have the ability to build from one logical point to the next. Their thought process follows a line, and thus INTPs can observe where something does not add up, and report back as to why a system may be failing.

10. Photographer – This type has an unusual eye for the world, and capturing it in odd moments may be a way for them to both express themselves while staying quiet and hidden behind the camera, mutely commenting with their creativity and the things they choose to share.

11. Astronomer – INTPs already look to the stars in some ways, using their most far-out thoughts to help them build an internal map of the world and then using it as a guide to understand the world around them.

12. Writer – Many of the wildest thoughts that go on in an INTPs head defy description, but if they can manage to capture some of those concepts in words with their brilliant linguistic capacity, many INTPs would be gifting the world with some new thoughts. A disproportionate number of scientific breakthroughs have been made by the INTP personality type.

Careers to avoid:

  1. Managers
  2. Social Influencer
  3. CEO
  4. Therapist
  5. Nurse

Are you an INTP? Do you have any ideas to help other INTPs find the right job? Anything they should definitely avoid?

Let us know in the comments below!


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