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11 Careers For the ISFJ Personality Type: “The Nurturer”.

What is the ISFJ Personality Type?

ISFJ stands for: Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging, and is one of the 16 personality types as defined by the Myers-Briggs Personality System.

ISFJs are truly altruistic, with a warm, safe, empathetic presence that brings out the best in other people and gives people the emotional support they need to develop into the best versions of themselves.

They are loyal, practical, organized and consistent, and have an inner moral code and well of experiences which they draw from privately. INFJs are excellent at listening to themselves and interpreting the world symbolically through deeply felt impressions that tend to be more accurate than ISFJs can explain. This leads to very good judgement but a lack of ability to articulate how they came to the conclusions they did.

Because they are one of the more social introverts, ISFJs sometimes neglect their own needs and boundaries and can become overwhelmed. They don’t generally want to be in the spotlight and would rather be appreciated and know that they are valued.

ISFJs and Careers

ISFJs have a love for successful, historical institutions, and will often join these as a way to positively influence an already well established culture. For example they might join a school, a therapeutic tradition, a hospital, or a religious group and find themselves to be very successful in each one.

People tend to love ISFJs because they have loving, down to earth approach and are humble, loyal and also excellent listeners. People tend to flourish around this type, who is warm and reassuring, helpful and cooperative, and whose priority is just that everybody respectfully organize and cooperate to find harmony in the group.

Here are 11 potential career ideas for the ISFJ personality type:

1.  Au Pair/Nanny – This type is especially good with children. They make great planners and organizers, are good communicators and listeners, and provide a warm, reassuring presence.

2. Teacher – Teaching is a tradition that an ISFJ is likely to find themselves in, with their sensitivity and desire to help others, enjoyment of helping people flourish, and their practical side that enables them to mobilize and get things done while being sensitive and encouraging to those around them.

3. Counsellor/Therapist – ISFJs are uniquely gifted at comfortable intimacy, since they are the most social of the introverts. They are excellent at hearing themselves and others, listening and observing in an empathetic way that draws other people out.

4. Nurse – Nursing is another career in a great institution that many ISFJs will resonate with, utilizing their caretaking desire and ability with their grounded qualities.

5. Biologist – ISFJs thrive in structure and on knowledge that provides them with practical application in the real world. Biology is one of these sciences that allows ISFJ’s practicality and helpfulness to shine, and gives perhaps a more shy ISFJ a vantage point to more privately enjoy life from while still making an impact.

6. Environmental conservationalist – ISFJs are realistic and science-minded, empathetic yet don’t mind getting their hands dirty with the details. This makes them great at vocations such as the environmental sciences, able to participate in the hard facts and then extrapolate them onto real situations by finding ways to help people become more environmentally friendly and aware as a collective.

7. Food scientist – ISFJs can really shine in many of the sciences, particularly the practical sciences where they can interact and be more social while still providing a great service to people that need it. ISFJs might want to turn food science into a career that can help them teach people how to eat well and take care of themselves better, in order to better their lives.

8. Social worker – ISFJ’s natural ability to correctly size people up can really help them with this job, where they can intuit what might suit each person’s needs best and intervene to cause positive change.

9. Humanitarian – This type make wonderful altruists, since they are rarely idle and eagerly engaged in finding ways that they can help people, show kindness, and lead by example.

10. Massage therapist – ISFJs are well-equipped to run their own massage business. They have the wherewithal it takes to run their own bookkeeping, the discipline to make and keep appointments, and the social skills and practicality to master their craft and create happy return customers.  

11. Home care worker – One career that ISFP personality types might enjoy is that of a home care worker, where they can shower their innate kindness and humour on those that need looking after in old folks homes and at home.

Careers to avoid:

1. Lawyer

2. Critic

3. CEO

4. Salesperson

5. Electronics store

Are you an ISFJ? Do you have any suggestions to help other ISFJs find the right career? Anything they should avoid altogether? Let us know in the comments below!


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