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11 Careers For the ISTJ Personality Type: “The Logistician”.

What is the ISTJ Personality Type?

ISTJ stands for: Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging, and is one of the 16 personality types as defined by the Myers-Briggs Personality System.

ISTJs are highly rational, looking to create a “manual for the world” so that they can overlook all of its systems and see how they interact, to get an understanding of what will and will not work in practical application, in theory.

These types trust the facts and statistics only, and can be skeptical to a harsh degree. They don’t understand emotional overreactions and for these reasons, ISTJs don’t enjoy a lot of social time. They mostly prefer to either be alone to think and work on their own personal projects, or they enjoy working with other logical people to make things happen in the most effective manner possible.

ISTJs and Careers

These types are blessed with a way of thinking that naturally leads to an abundance of both skills and opportunity. ISTJs are excellent opportunity-spotters, and are often well aware of how many choices and potential futures lay at their feet.

ISTJs are reliable and effective, and highly focused. They might enjoy somewhere they can work alone for long stretches of time without interruption.

Here are 11 ideas of potential careers for the ISTJ personality type:

1. Systems analyst – This is the ideal job for an ISTJ, leveraging their most fundamental talent: the way they think about and operate in the world.

2. Investor – ISTJs are good at predicting what will happen in the future, based on their extensive research and roll-up-your-sleeves attitude when it comes to putting the time in to learn all about something.

3. Advisor – Another great job for his type is an advisor, coach or counsellor in a practical area of their expertise. For example an online business or website consultant, or in a position at a large business where they need an objective and logical perspective in areas such as finance and organization.

4. Banker – ISTJs are excellent with finances, being able to overview many systems at once and make accurate long-term predictions.

5. Scientist – One area that an ISTJ could apply themselves quite successfully to is any arena of science that catches their interest: ISTJs tend to approach things in a high quality, professional manner, with their own personal standards that they live rigorously up to, if only because that’s what makes sense to them.

6. Handyman – Their jack-of-all-trades approach to life makes this type quite high on the list as someone to call when there’s a problem. ISTJs tend also to be highly meticulous, professional  and consistent whenever they do something, and this makes them one of the most reliable personality types in a work setting.

7. Writer – In their pursuit to create something like an inner manual to explain how the world works, some ISTJs may feel compelled to painstakingly articulate what they have learned and condense it into an actual book for others to benefit from, or they may have an area of interest or expertise that they want to elaborate on and share.

8. Venture Capitalist – ISTJs can beat the odds of chance and luck with their skill of calculating future odds and incorporating many different factors at once. They make excellent investors who seem to always be right, because they are willing to put in the work to make a predictions model that is true and accurate to reality.

9. Mechanic – This is another jack-of-all-trades career that doesn’t require that an ISTJ have to interact with other people too much, while leveraging their skill. They like their quiet time alone, to think or to work on projects, and people can be frustrating to an ISTJ.

10. Military – ISTJs gravitate towards institutions with long-held tradition and authority, and can often be found inserting themselves into the ranks of these systems with their practical and intense work ethic.

11. Lawyer – Their no-nonsense approach to life makes ISTJs excellent lawyers, tough and cool-minded, able to assess many different angles at once in order to make a case. They almost never lost their focus and gathering data to make a case is their strength.

Careers to avoid:

1. Fashion

2. Counselor

3. Artist

4. Bartender

5. Retail

Are you an ISTJ? Do you have any suggestions to help other ISTJs find the right career? What should they avoid? Let us know in the comments below!


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