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CEO @ PromotionPipe.

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CEO @ Nat’s Home Improvements.

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HR Recruiter @ Musk Oxen R Us.

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Molson recently jumped on board to catch the hot new wave of social recruiting in Canada.

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YMCA needed more exposure, and found the perfect fit with Canada’s #1 Trending Job Site!

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Local Job Ads That Work. No Job Ad Experience Needed. Zero Hassles. Fast & Simple.

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3. Attract Resumes from Local Canadians that Match Your Position.

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“Very happy with my most recent hire, thank you Resume Bulletin!!”

– Chris Johnson, CEO, PromotionPipe

Start Hiring Local Canadians Now

Local Job Ads That Work. No Ad Experience Needed. Zero Hassles. Fast & Simple.

Post My Job Ad For $1

Reach Local Canadians for Just $1


Where Will My Job Ads Show Up?

Your ads will be instantly available on Resume Bulletin, and matched by our job ad network in each Canadian city as well as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Google, Kijiji and over 3,700+ partner sites.

How Soon Will I See Resumes?

As soon as you post your ad, you will have instant access to 100s of fresh Canadian resumes on and you will have access to all job applicants as soon as they arrive.

Do I Need Any Social Media Experience?

Not at all! You won’t need one drop of social media skills. Our ad network takes care of all the heavy lifting and targeting so you don’t have to.

How Can I Manage The Resumes?

We provide you with an easy to use Applicant Tracking System so you can keep track of your resumes.

How Easy Is It To Post A Job Ad?

Posting your first job ad will only take a few minutes. You only need a title, description, and a few basic details. Unlike other job websites, we do not require you to submit extra documentation.

Are There Any Limits To The Number of Candidates That I Can Get?

There are no limits whatsoever. The number of people that apply is the number of people that you will see. You will continue to receive applicants right up until the last day of your job posting.

How Long Will My Job Ad Last?

Your Job Ad will last for 30 days, however, if you need more applicants, you can ask for a “Free 10 Day Boost” and we will happily extend it for an extra 10 days at no extra charge. How’s that for service?

What Can I Do If I am Getting Too Many Responses?

If you are getting a high number of responses, you can pause your ad by simply turning it off in the dashboard. If you need help, you can always reach out to our staff.

The ResumeBulletin Team.