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Suited to Admins, Managers, Coaches, Sales Reps and Professionals.


“Peter Johnson” is a Professionally Designed Resume Template for Google Docs, Engineered by a Hiring Expert to give you an EDGE in the hiring process. Limited Time Sale!


Perfect for Professional Lawyers, Counselors, Teachers, Professors, Coaches, Managers, Sales Reps, Administrators, Engineers, Office Workers and other professionals.


How does this Resume Template help you land your DREAM JOB?

This resume template was designed with advice from a real hiring expert to increase your chances at landing your dream job. Designed from the ground up to make your life simple — just open the DOCX template file in Google Docs (as depicted). Then just edit, and print! Please refer to the Google Docs Support Forums if you need help with Google Docs. This concise, clean and professional design along with your qualifications will help improve your chances of being hired!

What is included?

* Professional Clean Resume
* Cover Letter Section with Key Points Section included on first page
* Education, Experience and Skills Sections
* Reference Section Included
* 4 Page Editable Resume (template file for Google Docs)
* Styled in Deep Azure Blue / Navy Blue Squares
* Easy to Open, Edit, and Print

Now you can have the web’s most PROFESSIONAL Google Docs resume, now go and land your DREAM JOB!


Q: I can’t seem to edit, how do I edit this?
A: Just open in Google Docs and replace and edit the text until you have everything is just as you need it. You may need to add or delete text as needed.

Q: Are there any instructions or support?
A: ResumeBulletin only provides this FAQ page and the basic install / upload instructions in the above reference images. However if you need more help, Google does provide their own support tools for their product Google Docs.

Q: How should I print this?
A: Print it from a home printer, or nearby copy center such as Staples, Kinkos, UPS or other business center. Also Fedex has a convenient option for online printing:


Thank You and Enjoy.

ResumeBulletin and NentraDesigns

2 reviews for “Peter Johnson” Clean Blue Resume

  1. Michael Sutter

    Helped me get the job interview I wanted, thank you.

  2. Ryan Davis

    Very clean design, works in Google Docs exactly as expected, good price and no complaints.

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