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Fact, great resumes get you a foot in the door when seeking a new job.

Another fact, up to 92% of companies use the Applicant Tracking System software (ATS) to screen out candidates.

The ATS works with optimized keywords, skills and experiences making it difficult to use a generic resume or CV for multiple job openings.

This software should be seen as a tool to enhance the applicant’s chances of recruitment IF utilized properly.

Our Certified Professional Resume Writer and Recruiter with over 7+ years extensive experience in working with clients from the US, UK, Australia, Canada and several other countries, has the required expertise and technicality to write you a keyword optimized resume that will beat the ATS system and land you a job interview.

The service offered:

  • A comprehensive revamp of your present resume or CV utilising ATS keywords.
  • Professional and well tailored and easily editable covering letter for you to use. 
  • Optimized Linked In profile and full utilization of SEO to increase your visibility.


A resume is like meeting someone for the first time, first impressions are lasting, so do yourself a huge favour and update yours NOW!


2 reviews for Resume Revamp Professional Job

  1. Lenore Schriber

    Well, I have to confess the idea of spending $199 was definitely not appealing but I’m also aware that companies now use software to screen resume’s before they get seen by human eyes. Anyway, I bit the bullet and bought the gig and was blown away by how my old tired resume came back. And the best part is I have it forever, I just have to make little updates as I go along, so am I a happy camper? The answer is a resounding YES, thanks ResumeBulletin.

  2. The ResumeBulletin Team

    Glad you liked the service Lenore.

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